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TheatreMAMA Internship

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TheatreMAMA Internship


TheatreMAMA Internship

Here at theatreMAMA we pride ourselves on our ability to juggle the many facets of theatre marketing. We firmly believe in the motto “The Show Must Go On” and we want a team of energetic staff who is ready and willing to jump through all the hoops that will come our way. Our teams works together to run a successful and smooth operation where attention to detail and organization skills are required. Your daily tasks here at MAMA will fluctuate and a flexible team player is a must! From the mundane task of preparing collateral for our multiple street teams to social media strategy; you’ll get the full spectrum of experience at MAMA and we can’t wait for you to get started!

  • Street Team Management Intern

  • Assist Managers with CASTING

  • Organization, Set Up, Job postings, Scheduling, execution, contracting & communicating with candidates

  • Assist with preparation and editing of weekly Street Team reports

  • Assist with collateral organization and Inventory when needed

  • Assist with costume/promotional attire maintenance and laundry when needed

  • Run errands for Operations Manager as needed

  • Assist Managers with cleaning & office management tasks

  • Field Manage - giving feedback to the teams when asked

  • Attend brainstorming sessions as asked

  • Assist managers with research for updating training manuals and talking points

  • Attend Street Team training sessions

  • Assist Managers with the photographing of Street Team Ambassadors

  • Assist MAMA with day-to-day operations as needed

  • Digital Specialist Intern

  • Assist Social Media Manager with research for the weekly MAMAlogue (eblast)

  • Assist Social Media Manager in social media content creation

  • Assist Social Media Manager t in blog posting creation

  • Editing, photoshop, taking photos, etc.

  • Event-Planning Duties

  • Assist with research, community outreach, and event marketing duties as needed

  • Support and attend MAMA promotional events where needed

Position to start asap into the new year. College credit and monthly metrocard (after first month of working) offered

Please email resume and cover letter for consideration.


October 12, 2017 - January 31, 2018



Send e-mail to 0000015f-1219-ddc8-ab7f-da9b0eab0000...