Blues in the Night - Los Angeles EPA


Blues in the Night - Los Angeles EPA

Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts
Beverly Hills, CA

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Blues in the Night - Los Angeles EPA


Call Type: EPA

LORT Non-Rep
Minimum - $676/wk

Playwright: Sheldon Epps
Director: Sheldon Epps
Casting Director: Telsey + Company LA / Ryan Bernard Tymensky
Casting Associate: Rose Bochner

First Rehearsal: March 27, 2018
Tech: April 22, 2018 – April 26, 2018
First Preview: April 27, 2018
Opening: May 2, 2018
Closing: May 20, 2018, if extended May 27, 2018


EPA Procedures are in effect for this audition.

An Equity Monitor will be provided.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.

Equity actors. See Breakdown.


[THE LADY FROM THE ROAD] late 50’s or early 60’s, female, African American. A warm and "boutiiful" woman. She has great humor and the wealth of experience that only comes with time. The Lady spends her time “keepin’ her act in order” and spreading gossip to anyone who will listen. She has a rich, wonderful voice and we can tell that there is a reason that she was once on top. She not only sings the Blues, she is the Blues, in all of its variety. MUST HAVE STRONG SINGING VOICE. LEAD

{THE WOMAN OF THE WORLD] Late 30s- 40’s, female.. A beautiful and stylish creature of indeterminate age. She is a woman who has known a much more lavish and grand lifestyle than any of the others. One has the feeling that she has survived through her good looks and ability to charm men. There is an air of mystery about her. Perhaps she has landed here in an attempt to escape the collapse of a love affair gone wrong. She deludes herself into believing that she is still living the high life even in these surroundings, and she spends the evening preparing, as is her custom, for the next gentleman caller. She hides behind a sophisticated veneer most of the time, but is capable of displaying great humor, sensuality and emotion. ALL ETHNICITIES. MUST HAVE STRONG SINGING VOICE. LEAD

[THE GIRL WITH A DATE] mid 20’s- early 30’s, female. Full of energy and enthusiasm, this young girl is determined to forget the problems of the past and make a new start in the big city. She is bright and clever, but also innocent and easily hurt. When things go wrong for her (and she has a bit more to drink than she can handle) she shows a range of emotions and reveals a bitterness that one would not suspect in a girl who views the world with such bright eyes. She has a voice of great warmth and is capable of being both charming and shocking as her mood changes. ALL ETHNICITIES. MUST HAVE STRONG SINGING VOICE. LEAD

[THE MAN IN THE SALOON] 40s-50s, male, African American. He is at once very charming and slightly dangerous. He thinks that he knows it all and can have anyone that he chooses — on the stage or in the audience. He spends his time sitting in with the band, watching and taunting the women and making sly remarks to avoid the truths of his own life. He is frustrated, and more than a little lonely, but wants the world to see him as a man who is completely in control. One of the reasons for his frustration is that he truly is a very good singer and deserves to be working in a better place than the run down bar of this cheap hotel. MUST HAVE STRONG SINGING VOICE. LEAD

Actors unable to attend this call may submit headshot/resume by December 18, 2017 to:

280 S. Beverly Dr. Suite 412
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

The Wallis is a LORT theatre committed to an inclusive casting policy of non-traditional casting and encourages all actors to audition regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, or the presence of a disability.

EPA rules in effect. In person sign-up begins at 10:00AM on 12/18/17.



Audition Information


Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts
9390 N Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Please prepare 16 bars of a blues, gospel, or pop/soul song. Live accompanist will be provided.

Monday, December 18, 2017
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Lunch: 2:00PM - 3:00PM

Minors must be accompanied by an adult